We at IdeationLab, are happy to share some feedback from our students and memorable moments with them!

What Our Graduates Say

Zeeshan Samreen

Lecturer, Oxford university

I am very glad I took this Business Ideation Course. It has helped my understanding of starting up of a business in Canada to a great extent. Kudos to the Business Ideation course Team and Dr. Alex for providing such a wonderful course. The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand. The course has provided the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the business world of Canada.

Mohammad U.

Lecturer, Oxford university

This course was a very good and effective course for me. I got to learn much about the start-up business and how to deal with my business and consumers, social media and mobile apps, promotion strategies, hiring employees and a lot more that helped me to learn a lot. I hope this will help me to build a business that will have a positive impact on Canada. The course is definitely worthwhile.

Fatemeh T.

Lecturer, Oxford university

Thank you for this valuable course. I really learned a lot, and I would suggest having some practical courses.

Sherif S.

Lecturer, Oxford university

Dear team! Thanks for giving us this opportunity to attend the course itself and to give our feedback. For me, the course is excellent and comprehensive.

Harkomal M.

Lecturer, Oxford university

The course is very comprehensive and Practical. Trust me. I had taken a Start-up course at Douglas college; It just covered how to write a business plan. This course by IDEATION LAB covers every detail on how to start, where to start from, essential steps to take, the challenges one might encounter, how to scale etc. I am glad I took it. Thank you, Dr.Titov and your team for you contribution!

Siraj A.

Lecturer, Oxford university

Greetings of the day. Thank you for your help and support. We all went through a new learning journey in which we were not aware of such informative and helpful education which you have provided us. I greatly appreciate and I am thankful to the entire team members and Dr. Alex for taking so much effort and interest in providing us with valuable education for the future. In my view, for beginners, the material is more sufficient to understand SUV procedures.