Here are the most comprehensive answers to the frequently asked questions among our students who have already taken the ABCS Course and who are still considering it.  If you cannot find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us.
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General Questions
What is the ABCS of START-UP Ideation Course?
It is an online course designed to educate the participants of the Start-Up Visa program about the general rules, regulations, concepts, business administration, and business environments in Canada.
What does the ABCS stand for?
Analyze, Build, Collaborate, Scale, which are titles for each of the four modules that cover the topics respectively.
How long and intense is the course?
The course takes four months. The information is presented in four modules, each containing four weeks of classes covering four topics per week. Intake time - anytime.
Are there any tests involved in the course?
At the end of each module, the participants are offered to provide multiple-choice answers to 16 questions designed to cover topics included in the module.
Can I take the course if I'm not a Start-Up Visa Applicant?
Sure, this course will benefit you if you are an existing entrepreneur or starting your business from scratch. To take this course, your business activity doesn't need to be entangled with the Start-Up Visa Program.
How much does it cost?
As of today, the cost of the course is CAD 3,906.
How can I pay for the course?
First, you need to send your Enrollment request. Once we receive your request, we will send you an invoice.
If you are a Startup Visa Applicant
Do all team members need to enroll for this course, or one person per team is enough?
Immigration is an individual process, even though it is a team effort. It means that it is very beneficial for every person to complete the course, receive an individual Certificate of Completion, and be ready to run a business in Canada.
Is this course mandatory for Start-Up Visa Applicants?
It is not mandatory by IRCC standards. But IRCC never advises applicants on best practices; IRCC assesses applicants’ own best efforts. It is a private course created for Startup Visa Applicants out of a practical need to be ready for the actual operation of a business in Canada. It may be considered as part of active and operational business activities. So, as an outcome, you are not only learning a lot but also receiving the Certificate of Completion, which can be submitted to the IRCC as proof of your intentions and readiness to run a business in Canada.
If all of our team members take this course, can we all use the same online link for payment, or will you send us individual emails with links?
The course takes four months. The information is presented in four modules, each containing four weeks of classes covering four topics per week.
Are there any tests involved in the course?
Every student will receive his/her invoice separately to the email.
If I'm not happy with my score after a quiz, can I retake it to improve it?
Just like any other exam, it is a one-time option to pass. Since the exam form is provided to the student group as a whole, it is not available individually. However, you will still be able to continue to the next module and will continue to receive invites to topics and future exams.